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Give Your Message Wings


Tell your Story

Get out there. Get involved. Share your product.

The options are endless – websites, videos, social media, blogs, media kits, brochures. Whatever the medium, it’s important that you participate, that you have a presence and that your voice is one worth hearing.

No easy task, right? That’s what I’m here for.

lightbulb2From Concept to Delivery

You have brilliant marketing ideas for your business – every entrepreneur does.

You need a copywriter who can put those ideas on paper using language that is powerful and engaging. The process I follow is specifically designed to help me pull every juicy detail from you before I begin writing. And then your story comes to life as page by page, piece by piece, what was once just a concept is now engaging content that interacts with your target market.

I love what I do, which means I actually enjoy putting in the time to produce content I am truly proud of. And this translates into powerful, engaging copy that resonates with your audience.

How do I do it?

Best Results

I provide up to two rounds of revisions on all first drafts to help us arrive at that perfect, finished product.

Due Diligence

There’s no such thing as write and then submit – I review each piece at least three times before you ever see it once.

Listen, Learn, Write

There is always a learning and research component that takes place before my fingers ever hit the keyboard.

Level of Service

You want to hire me to make your life easier. You’re looking for someone to delegate an important part of your marketing strategy. Well, then it only makes sense that I respond quickly, maintain a flexible schedule, work efficiently, and meet your deadlines.

What Is It?

This is the first question I ask myself before I start to write.  We need to tell your customers who you are and along with your message in an engaging way.


Why Does It Matter?

This is the second, most important – and often missed – piece of the puzzle.

In other words, what’s in it for your customers? Why do they need to click the submit button on the order form or subscribe to your newsletter?


Identify exactly what you want your customers to take away from the content they read. Whether it’s copywriting for a video script, website, article or press release, there is always an objective. And identifying it and making it part of your message critical.



Imagine how much more effective it is when your customers see content that has a consistent voice across all platforms? They associate that style and tone with your company and regardless of whether it’s conscious or subconscious, this works wonders for your brand awareness and corporate messaging.