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Elliptical Machines and Trainers – Great for Weight Loss

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A 400-word article about the popular weight loss niche. This was positioned as an informal blog post for an affiliate that was selling elliptical trainers.

Elliptical Machines and Trainers – Great for Weight Loss

Weight loss can be challenging without having to think about the best gym equipment to use. This article explains about Elliptical Machines and Trainers and their benefits.

What is an elliptical trainer

An elliptical trainer is a stationary machine used to simulate walking or running, yet your workout on it does not involve any impact at all. Unlike a treadmill, an elliptical trainer has large areas for your feet, and these areas are suspended above the ground so that you never experience impact as you run or walk.

The elliptical trainer simulates walking or running through the movement of a wheel that attaches to the places you feet rest on, which explains why it’s called an elliptical (rounded) trainer.

Why use an elliptical trainer

Working out on a treadmill is considered to be impact training because you put pressure on your bones by running or walking. Impact exercises are great if your bones and spine are healthy because you get the benefit of strengthening your bones as you lose weight through your workout.

An elliptical trainer is perfect for people that have hip, knee, or other injuries or ailments because there isn’t any impact during your workout. Elliptical trainers also offer cross-training – you can train for sports like cross-country skiing in addition to running or walking.

Benefits of an elliptical trainer

Modern elliptical machines have advanced electronics that monitor your workout and can challenge you to keep you interested and optimize your workout. The monitoring functions are very interesting to watch – they track your heart rate, your rate of exercise, distance covered, and calories burned. Enter your age, height, and weight so that the computer can calculate your ideal exercise rate and heart rate so that you get the most benefit.

The elliptical trainer’s computer can also make your workout more challenging and more interesting – you can select programs that vary the intensity of the workout by simulating hills and other variations.

Reach your goals

Some elliptical trainers even encourage you to try to help you reach your exercise goals. The feeling you get when you worked out, burning the calories you wanted to burn that day is a great feeling – it gets even better when you take the stairs and are not out of breath when you reach the top!

Elliptical trainers provide excellent benefits for weight loss. Assess your condition, speak with a qualified health professional and start working out today.

Supplementing your weight loss program, like the Jenny Craig or the Nutrisytem program, with exercise on an elliptical machine is a great way to loose weight and stay fit.

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