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Five principles of inbound marketing

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A brief, 320-word, article that was part of a series for an inbound marketing company.

Five principles of inbound marketing

Understand your customer and the problem they’re trying to solve

One of the best ways to discover what visitors to your site want is to review the keywords that got them to your site in the first place. If your content is not relevant to a visitor’s search, they will leave, yet you have an opportunity to fulfill that need for someone else. Another approach: engage visitors using social media and listen to them.

Set realistic goals and know how to measure them

The value of a campaign might be in conversions, engagement with your visitors, or a variety of other measures. Ensure that you set realistic targets and understand how to measure them for critical feedback.

Keep your message simple

It’s easy to go off-topic or meander into your organization’s history when engaging with your target audience. Your site’s visitors come to you through a dense forest of information and don’t have a willingness to stay if you cannot help them within a short time. Use great visuals, make content easy to scan, and avoid too much jargon.

Change is inevitable – embrace it

Avoid trying to create the perfect landing page, email message, or graphic. Change a little and change often, check your metrics, and start the cycle again. Your users and bottom line will appreciate it.

Metrics are strategic assets

Your web metrics track far more than site hits and, while investing the time to collect data is a great start, invest in the analysis and interpretation to identify and execute actions that affect your inbound marketing efforts. provides complete turnkey inbound marketing solutions, perfect for offline businesses. The solution is completely hands-off – they manage all aspects of establishing and maintaining your business’s online presence and reputation. inbound marketing helps clients find your business, resulting in more opportunities for you. Contact the inbound marketing pros at today

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