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How inbound marketing could have helped an offline business

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A 400-word article promoting an inbound marketing business. This was part of a large set of articles varying in length from 200 to 1,200 words. 

How inbound marketing could have helped an offline business

An offline business is one that gets its clients and provides goods or services to its clients without using the internet – be it sales or marketing. The majority of businesses today are considered to be offline businesses: many retail stores, tradespeople, doctors and other specialists, engineers, and a range of other professions operate entirely offline.

While the offline approach to marketing may work well enough, chances are very high that you’re missing out on opportunities to acquire new clients and get more business from existing clients using online methods. Here is just one case where an offline business could have acquired a new client.

I bought a house with a two-car garage that has one door for each side of the garage. The house is great, and it turns out that separate garage doors are a great feature too, for the wrong reasons. The garage doors have separate garage door openers so only half of the garage can be open if I want it that way. Both sides of the garage get used every day and both sides see about the same amount of use. I opened one side of the garage one morning to get my car out, backed out my car and closed the garage door; that’s when my problems started.

The garage door closed about half way, followed by a loud snap and then stopped. I could see a cable hanging down from somewhere above the garage door and could see a larger part that looked out of place. I needed someone to fix my garage door, so I turned to Google – I thought, “Google is great at returning local business results”.

Using various search terms, I found all kinds of local advice about parts, books, and a lot of out of date phone listings, but Google did not have any results for a repair service in my area. I finally managed to find someone but it was through a friend a couple of days later. The door got repaired and I wrote the number down in a number of places so I could find it again. When asked, the repair person said she did not need a website, mainly because she did not understand the internet and was spending all of her time running her business.

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